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The site's not just pretty looks. 7/7

By rskangz on Jun 04, 2018

Sold 200m payment IS actually instant! Nice service, hats off to Eric, keep it up

By PKmilf on Jun 03, 2018

Speedy and no BS

By Zeezeema on Jun 02, 2018

Had to wait a bit, but everything was done no problem, nice customer support no hassle

By zzrexII on Jun 01, 2018

Very fast and great service

By Rated fail on May 31, 2018

Great service . super quick. took less than a 40 seconds to get the gold :)

By RF on May 31, 2018

It's terrible what these legends are doing to competitors

By WelKuz on May 31, 2018

ayy, thanks for the goods, trusted

By Ben on May 31, 2018

I'd give them 11/10 but then you would think they paid me to do this. Well they did, with their affiliate feature ;) Just awesome

By J4ckTheStripp3r on May 30, 2018

damn, these guys are fast! 10/10 experience

By roboshot on May 29, 2018

yo these guys are lit!

By hegelismydude on May 29, 2018

sold 90m to these guys, super fast delivery and helpful customer support. will be coming back :)

By Liam on May 28, 2018

super fast and easy. awesome lads

By fanatix on May 27, 2018

Eric is a legend!

By slayerhoe on May 26, 2018

Wonderful service! Got my gold in 3 mins. Keep it up guys!

By loki965 on May 24, 2018

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