Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy RS Gold?

Enter the amount you need and checkout using your paypal account, or as a guest using credit/debit cards. Right after ordering contact our live customer support for further directions. Note that you might be asked to provide us your ID document to confirm your identity.

What is the delivery time of RS Gold?

Once your payment is processed, we deliver gold instantly! Most of the orders are delivered within 5 minutes. However, if your gold wasn‘t delivered in this period of time, you can ask our customer support for a refund and you will be fully refunded!

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept PayPal, Credit & Debit Cards, Bitcoin. Any details about these payments can be provided by our 24/7 customer support representative.

How do I get my gold?

After you have completed ordering gold contact our customer support team. All the information about transaction (in-game location and world) will be provided in live chat. At arrival to the meeting point your gold will be given via trade.

Do I need to provide any personal information to buy gold?

We might ask you to send us a picture of your government issued ID (driver’s license, identity card or passport). This helps us to prevent online fraud and stop buyers from using stolen paypal accounts or credit/debit cards. All the information provided remains confidential.

How does identity confirmation work?

When in live chat with our 24/7 customer support, in the bottom of chat window select “Options” and then press “Attach a File”. Your gold will be delivered right afterwards.

Can I get banned?

More than 3 year experience, yet none of our customers have been banned. Banning occurs when the gold is obtained by breaking in game rules. Usually this type of gold is sold over various botting forums by scammers. Our gold is earned by our employees and determined RS players.

Are you legit?

After several years of trading RS GP currency we got to know every detail of it and we treat it with respect. More than 8,000 returning customers and the number is rapidly growing. Using more and more RS forums we gained your trust. Anytime you want, our customer supports can link you our sythe or powerbot account feedbacks!

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