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i was sceptical at first, but i tried recommending you to my clanmates and i made like 30m in a few days
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these guys r legit cashed out 20m
By ChaseB0B
was spamming at the duel arena and got like 50m over the weekend
By ToruzAllz
Turns out my friend has a bigger addiction to duel arena than I thought. I made some money off of him and later lent it to him :D
By Samuel D.

Have you ever wanted to make lots of RS gold with little to no effort? Well, you’re in luck! We are happy to introduce our affiliate program! All you have to do is create an account on our website and set up your affiliate code. Once you’re done, share your code with friends and receive free RS gold every time they use our services!

How our affiliate program works

So you shared your affiliate link or code with your friends, now what? Every time they buy gold using your discount code, they will receive 3% extra gold and you will get 7% gold back from purchased amount, to your affiliate account. Cookies will be saved on his browser for a month, so the next time they visit our website the code will already be entered in to the check out window. So if you have friends who spend a little too much time at the duel arena, you can make some quick gold with hardly any effort! Click here to register for our affiliate program. Thousands of people every month buy RS gold and most of the time they overpay buying from overpriced websites. Here at RSGOLD420 we offer a very good price, so not only will you be making money, but your friends will also receive more bang for their buck! With this in mind your friends will be happy to buy their gold here.

Tips on getting started

So what are the best ways to advertise your discount code?

1. Tell your friends!
Do you have friends who spend way too much time at the duel arena? Tell him about our shop and every time he buys his gold here you will be making money!
Are you in an active clan chat? Most people there buy gold and it would be pretty easy to get them to use your code.
2. Advertise at the duel arena.
If you want to make even more money simply create a new account, give it a bond and go straight to the duel arena! When there simply start advertising our website with your discount code. This is one of the best ways to get people to use your code because once people lose gold they want to buy some more so they can win it back and if they see your discount code they will be sure to use it.
3. Advertise on twitch
You can get your twitch account using this so create a throw away account. Simply go to RS stream chats and try pming people directly. It takes a bit of work but you will get people to use your code.
4. Advertise in RS related forums
Have your discount code as your signature and if your active, people will notice.

Hope this list helps, if you're creative, you will come up with even more ways to advertise and if you put in enough work you can create a pretty good stream of passive income for yourself!

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